Crossmedial portfolio: bestickering Politie LoWaZoNe

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LoWaZoNe Police - lettering

Police LoWaZoNe office building

The client

LoWaZoNe Police (police zone covering Lovendegem, Waarschoot, Zomergem, and Nevele)

The requirement

Lettering and visual identity for the new building

Our services

Graphic & digital design, digital printing, large format signage

Our solution

The client wanted sober but clearly identifiable signage for the windows of the new office building for the LoWaZoNe police district, with special attention to the privacy of the staff and visitors. After a simulation and visualisation, the signage was placed using crystal-clear sandblasting foil.

Update: as of 1 January 2019, this police district will become the Aalter-LoWaZo due to the merging of Nevele with Deinze.

Police LoWaZoNe technical drawing sandblast foil
Police LoWaZoNe building entrance and lettering
Police LoWaZoNe logo in sandblast foil on window