Crossmedial - huisstijl

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Crossmedial - house style

Crossmedial housestyle

The client

We ourselves :-)

The requirement

A new identity, branding, and house style for Crossmedial

Our services

Branding & identity, campaigns, content marketing, digital printing, graphic & digital design, websites

Naturally, we gave a lot of consideration to our own new branding and house style. At the beginning of 2019, we rolled out the new identity of Crossmedial, which came about due to the merger of Van Holm Communicatie and The Instance.

Our solution

In recent years, digitisation has taken a great leap forward. And this trend is certain to continue. In our line of business, we have seen a very clear shift from the traditional way of printing communication materials in favour of new online channels and tools. Often, companies switched over quickly and did not always consider the impact of this change.

In our search for the most appropriate medium or communication channel for a message, we often discovered hybrid solutions. For example, an interactive PDF for online publication together with a print-friendly version for the customer. The challenge was to always find the proper communication mix for our customers. A cross-media approach… And, so our new name saw the light of day.

Crossmedial stands for an approach where we always look for the optimal communication media and channels for our customers, their message, and/or their product. A surprising concept, smart platform, appealing design, refined printed matter, etc. These are the ingredients we mix to provide the most appropriate solution for every request.

A new branding that translates everything visually should also go along with a new identity and name. We are good-natured and perfectionist, but also surprising. We provide an all-encompassing approach, but are not afraid to think outside the box. Our colour is our own creation in the direction of vermilion and tangerine and radiates boldness, strength, creativity, and optimism.